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Behind the Scenes of Super Bowl LII

Sunday’s dramatic Super Bowl 52 between the Eagles and Patriots was from all accounts one for the history books. Both offences marched down the field seemingly at will as yardage records were already being set by the third quarter. With the Eagles coming out on top and Tom Brady’s quest for a 6th Super Bowl on hold for at least another 12 months, we can look back on what a great spectacle the game was.

The NBC broadcast anchored by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth got good reviews. The pair are a reliable mainstay for the NFL and provided a pretty good call of the contest. The only notable gaff was Michaels claiming the Patriots had taken the lead on a fourth quarter touchdown, when in fact they had tied it before converting the extra point.

Sportscaster Life fans know that we love behind the scenes looks at major events, as we’ve covered in the past. This year’s coverage of the Super Bowl was nothing short of mega as NBC has claimed it to be the biggest live production in US sports history. To help illustrate that, they’ve produced a great look at the setup that details their 100+ cameras, their 130 microphones and millions of miles of cable laid throughout the stadium.

It’s a great look at the guts that go into sportscasting, and how without the grunt work done by crews in the days and weeks before an event, Michael and Collinsworth’s role would be completely insignificant.

Videos like this go to show that if you’re lucky enough to work with a crew, with people who set up gear and make your job easier in the technical department…thank them repeatedly and treat those people with the respect and courtesy their jobs and talents deserve. Not only are they a crucial part of any broadcast, but a great relationship with those helping you get on the air only makes your job easier.

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