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Broadcast Bucket List: Sports I Want to Call

broadcast bucket list

It’s 2018 and with the turn of the calendar year, comes the making of New Years Resolutions. I’m personally not one to make many resolutions, however I caved and made one this year. I vowed to be a little more selfish with my time and not try to spread myself so thin with projects and people. The goal is to be more cognisant of what work I take on and aim for quality not quantity. However the topic of resolutions got me thinking about a broadcast bucket list, and sports or events that I would most like to broadcast in the next 12 months (and beyond).

broadcast bucket list

First on my broadcast bucket list is pro wrestling. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time after years of being a (very) casual fan. For me, the coverage of pro wrestling is an art, a mix between stage show theatrics and television trickery. In my former years as a Television Director, I appreciated all the elements that went into a WWE broadcast, and all of the communication, planning and production that contributed to the execution of a show. As a sportscaster now, I love the storytelling angle, and the mix between identifying technical moves and adding to the flair and story of a match.

Next on my broadcast bucket list is a pair of Australian sports that are beginning to gain traction in North America…cricket and Australian Rules Football. I could easily separate these two entries, however I’m certain that neither overly resonate with the main readership of this website. To me, growing up in Australia, are like baseball and football…intertwined in my childhood and sports I know inside and out. In Canada, the AFL continues to grow with just under 12,000 registered players last year across the country. That number is much larger in the US where there is a recognized league with dozens of teams across the country. I feel I’d excel in AFL broadcasting, as its pace, physicality and play movement are all very similar to hockey which I’ve been calling for the last 8 years.

Cricket has a bit further of a way to go, however recent exhibitions in the US has proven its popularity, particularly among the expat community. Cricket is international baseball…a long, story-line filled experience where your prep and communication skills are crucial. Keeping viewers engaged over hours (and sometimes days) is a true test of not only talent, but stamina as well.

broadcast bucket list

The final item on my broadcast bucket list is horse racing. Really any sort of racing would do it for me, whether it’s car, track or something like speed skating, however I think horse racing is the quintessential broadcasting experience. Not only is your voice echoed through radios and televisions across the world, but in many cases you’re also the track announcer and your call is blared through loud speakers across the concourse. Broadcasting multiple races a day presents a challenge in your prep, while you have to account for outside factors like betting trends, track conditions and weather in your call as well.

So that’s my broadcast bucket list…three (or four) sports or events that I would love to broadcast. If I can check off one of these in 2018, I’ll be happy.

What’s on your broadcast bucket list? What sport would you most like to call, or what event in your chosen sport appeals to you most? Leave the answer in a comment below, or find us on social media.

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