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Four Announcers You Should Follow on Social Media

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Although most of society utilize Social Media as a way to connect with friends, share photos and to look at crying jordan memes… Learning can be done as well. Social media can be a great resource for sportscasters to develop their skills, share and find information and network with fellow play callers.

Most broadcasters are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and some share their preparation for the games they call, which in the past wasn’t as accessible. This information ranges from their broadcast sports to their spotting boards or tips for success in the industry. Here are four pro sportscasters that are a great follow on social media for aspiring play callers.

Joe Buck (@Buck)
Although Joe Buck may not be the most liked broadcaster out there, most in the industry love his work and his Instagram and Twitter profile. Buck shares videos of his spotting boards and scorebooks from the plethora of sports he calls. It doesn’t hurt to give his profile a glance, you may improve your boards.

Wes Durham (@WesDurham)
Radio Voice of the Atlanta Falcons, Durham is a broadcasting veteran who has unique preparation and displays it proudly on his Twitter and Facebook. You may have to dig around on his profiles but you will find every bit of prep he did for Super Bowl 51.

Jack Edwards (@RealJackEdwards)
The TV voice of the Boston Bruins on NESN, Edwards preparation has been well documented on this website as well as on his Twitter page. He may be a homer but he’s enjoyed success in this industry and a guy you can take some tips from.

Joe Davis (@Joe_Davis)
TV Voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers and College Football on Fox, Davis shares photos of his scorebooks and spotting boards on his Instagram and Twitter. He’s a great rising young talent that broadcasters of all ages can improve their prep from.

This article has been submitted to Sportscaster Life by John Vicari. Follow John on Twitter via @vicarijohn

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Logan

    February 12, 2018 at 10:48 am

    I would add Chuck Swirski of the Chicago Bulls to this list. He is the most giving high level broadcaster I’ve interacted with. From time to time he will tweet and actually invite people to send him their work to listen to.

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