Awesome Features

Every game and every stat available to you at every moment. Be organized. Be efficient. Be excellent on air.

Detailed Goal Entries

Easily recap games and see all the key information at a glance. See who, when and how in a split second. Also, bonus space for noting audio recording time for easy highlight production after the game.

Comprehensive StatTracker

Tally powerplays, hits, faceoffs, shots and scoring with the StatTracker. Quickly reference a teams powerplay record in game, who is leading the hit or faceoff totals.

Detailed Lineup and Note Areas

Built-in lineup sheet, head to head records, team staff and game notes. Write in your roster, scribble notes on the fly or recap after each period. See past games and know who played and how the game was won.

See it all at a glance

Each game is presented in a two-page layout meaning you'll see everything at a glance. No flipping pages to track a single game, no losing information and no guessing at stats.


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See for yourself

Check out details shots of the Sportscaster Life Hockey Scorebook to see how it can work for you.


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About The Book's Creator

Alex Rawnsley

Sportscaster Life's Founder and Managing Editor has been a professional hockey broadcaster since 2011. Broadcasting Junior hockey in British Columbia, Canada, Alex created the Sportscaster Life Hockey Scorebook throughout his years of experience on the road, fine tuning the design over time which has resulted in a highly efficient and compact end product.

Whether you work for one team, or many teams, the Sportscaster Life Hockey Scorebook is perfect for sportscasters to track stats on the fly during a game, or to look back on previous games for interesting notes and tidbits of information for game prep.

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