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Keys to Creating a Personal Brand

personal brand

One of the most crucial, yet overlooked aspects of sports broadcasting is the creation and development of a personal brand. A successful brand is your own mark, your own way to communicate your skills, personality, value and talent.

In sportscasting, a personal brand can be crucial for your networking efforts. A good brand, a good reputation can be instrumental in helping advance your career. Jordan Ring has written an extremely in depth article on how to create, cultivate and showcase your brand. Jordan uses his own experiences while offering step by step instruction on how to craft a detailed brand that’ll serve your career for years to come.

If you asked me two years ago what a personal brand was, I would have told you that “no thanks, please don’t stick that hot poker anywhere near me!” Nowadays, my personal brand is something I work on everyday, and it is something I believe we all must at least be aware of.

So what is a personal brand?

Our personal brand is not a visible mark that we carry around with us. It is how people see us by what we have to offer and by what we can do for them. Our personal brand is based on our online presence, but is also influenced by what we do offline as well. It is what comes to mind when people thing about us, as well as the type of thing we can be expected to share on social media.

Some people have personal brands that are obvious and forever stuck in people’s minds. Arnold Schwarzenegger will forever be the terminator who muttered the line “I’ll be back!”, Daniel Radcliffe will forever be Harry Potter, and Robert Downey Jr. is basically Iron Man in real life, so that one actually works.

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