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stds_logoSimply put, SayTheDamnScore is a website dedicated to the sports broadcast industry, as seen through the eyes of a growing sportscaster. The SayTheDamnScore podcasts talks to industry leaders and broadcasters to delve into the industry. Say the Damn Score: An unprofessional podcast on professional sportscasting.

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HEADER_7They are the voices that bring you every heart-stopping moment from your favorite team or sporting event. They exude the emotion you feel as you hang on their every word.  They come into your home, car or anywhere around the world.  But what do you really know about these voices?  You’re about to find out with one of the more unique, entertaining  and provocative podcasts.  Sean Aronson, a minor league baseball play-by-play broadcaster since 2001, pulls back the curtain on these amazing voices to find out who is “The Voice Behind The Voice.”

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The Sound Off Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions about Broadcasting, podcasting and New Media. Matt Cundill is a 20 year veteran of the radio industry and has worked on air, and as a program director. Matt now works with broadcasters to make their on-air product shine.

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cover170x170 (1)Zach McCrite does his own sports radio show for a modest living, but he’s always been obsessed with how to get better. How do others do sports radio? How do talk show hosts find their “lane?” How do they create content? Who are their influences? What is the key to, say, play-by-play? How do you get a step up on the competition in a crowded field? If you’ve had any of these questions, we ask them and a lot more to some of the most recognizable and informative voices in the sports radio industry. It was a niche in the podcast world that hadn’t been filled (seemingly the only one)–until now.

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cover170x170Play-by-Playcast is a podcast for play-by-play broadcaster, about play-by-play broadcasters and by a play-by-play broadcaster. Each week broadcasters stop by to discuss their career paths and share stories along with tips for success.

We want you to interact with the program. Get in touch with Play-by-PlayCast using the hashtag on twitter #PxPCast or by tweeting at Joel @JoelGodett.

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cover170x170 (2)Welcome to the SI Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. In this podcast, which will be published weekly, Deitsch will interview members of the sports media about their work, and interesting people about the sports media. Follow Richard at

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2016-10-27_12h33_26Home of The Clay Ables Report. A podcast where I talk sports and pop culture with guests from every industry and walk of life. Every week you can guarantee to hear The Clay Ables Report. Follow on Twitter @Clay_Ables

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Here at the Crossroads, we talk with some of the best sports media personalities from around the nation to discover the key moments of their careers, and the hard decisions that came along the way. Crossroads forces you to turn left, or turn right. What will YOU do at your crossroads?

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Produced by Michael Hirn. The idea for this podcast is to be able to tell some stories about games and interesting things that have happened to me in my broadcasting of football, basketball and more. I am also interviewing some top broadcasters and be able to tell you some of their favorite stories about games they’ve done as well.

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Baseball.SCLogo.Ballplayer – the best place for sports fans and sports broadcasters to join for education, coaching and community. And lots of fun!

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