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Self Critique Score Sheet for Better Broadcasts

self critique checklist

As one year closes and another one begins, many people often look ahead to the year to come and set resolutions or goals for the coming 12 months. No doubt many goals for sportscasters will be to improve their craft and move up to the next level…however actually doing that can be a struggle. So if you’re looking to improve your craft, and get to that next level, conducting a regular self critique of your work can be a crucial step in doing just that.

A self critique involves going back over a previous broadcast and finding things that you did right, and things that you want to work on moving forward. It can be something very simple like giving the time and score more frequently, or something much more complex like expanding your vocabulary so you’re not repeating yourself often.

To help in conducting a self critique, Sportscaster Life is offering a free download of our new Self Critique Score Sheet. The one page document covers five crucial parts to your broadcast and lets you grade each one. While the number will be entirely subjective, it will allow you to hone in on specific areas of your broadcast and focus on that improvement.

Also, we’d like to throw down a challenge for the New Year. Go back and listen to a call from 12 months ago, or as close as you can to the start of the year, and grade it. How were your transitions? How was your vocabulary? Then listen to one of your most recent calls and do the same. This will not only point out areas where you’ve improved over the year, but also give you a path to follow for the year ahead.

You can download the Self Critique Score Sheet for Better Broadcasts by clicking here. There are more available in our Resource Library, which you can sign up for below, including the Social Media Checklist, the Road Trip Checklist and much more.

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