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Sportscaster Scorebooks

Designed by sportscasters, for sportscasters. Scorebooks specifically made for play-by-play announcers to easily track, score and recap their games without losing focus on the action. Available for baseball, hockey, football and basketball broadcasters.

Feature Articles

The Doc Emrick Soundboard

The website “Deadspin”, home to all things weird and wonderful on the internet today posted something that sportscasters and tech geeks would consider a work of art. NHL Broadcaster Mike “Doc” Emrick is known for his vast vocabulary and now he has his very own soundboard to prove it. Now we…

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Vin Scully’s Prep Techniques

On Monday we talked about Vin Scully’s final game, final year and final call of his illustrious career. However in the process of gathering articles and video for that post, I came across an old video of Vin going over his prep techniques. It’s a fascinating 8 minute trip through…

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The Art of the Interview

Interviews are a huge part of a sports broadcasters job. Whether it’s intermission or half-time features or your own talk radio show the art of the interview can be a huge skill for broadcasters to master. Broadcast Now is a website based out of the UK and one of their…

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Sportscaster Life Scorebooks

Why Use Our Scorebooks?

Sportscaster Life offers a full suite of scorebooks specifically designed for sports broadcasters.

Each scorebook is created by sportscasters, for sportscasters and are the result of a collective decades worth of experience calling a wide variety of sports.

Whether a seasoned pro, or new to the industry, Sportscaster Life’s scorebooks provide a quick, seamless way to track the game you’re calling…while keeping your focus on the game you’re calling .

Scorebook Special Features

Every Sportscaster Life scorebook comes with a dedicated, refined design packed full of special features designed to help sportscasters call their best game.

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