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Designed by sportscasters, for sportscasters. Scorebooks specifically made for play-by-play announcers to easily track, score and recap their games without losing focus on the action. Available for baseball, hockey, football and basketball broadcasters.

Feature Articles

Metko’s Musings: More Than Just “A Game”

“The Cubs Win The Pennant”. Granted, Chicago had the best record in their league during the course of this season, but let’s be honest; nobody really thought we would hear and see those words until the 6-4-3 that ended it on that late October Saturday night. What occurred on October 22, 2016 was something that…

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Positivity in Play-by-Play

I grew up a fan of the Chicago Cubs and Buffalo Sabres, so it goes without saying that my childhood sports fandom was full of disappointment and not a lot of positivity. Until 2016, the Cubs were the poster-children of “here we go again.” Every time they gave their fans a…

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Protecting Your Pipes

It’s no secret that your voice is one of, if not your biggest asset. Tools to a tradesman are like a voice for a broadcaster, and it’s important to take care of it. Below are some articles on voice health to ensure you’re pipes are always perfect. Many tips to…

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Dealing with Bad Injuries On Air

In the light of Gordon Hayward’s ankle injury on national television to essentially open the NBA season, the topic of injuries is front and centre in a lot of sportscasters minds. Injuries are common place in sport. Most sports are at least semi-contact, and with that comes the likelihood of someone…

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Sportscaster Life Scorebooks

Why Use Our Scorebooks?

Sportscaster Life offers a full suite of scorebooks specifically designed for sports broadcasters.

Each scorebook is created by sportscasters, for sportscasters and are the result of a collective decades worth of experience calling a wide variety of sports.

Whether a seasoned pro, or new to the industry, Sportscaster Life’s scorebooks provide a quick, seamless way to track the game you’re calling…while keeping your focus on the game you’re calling .

Scorebook Special Features

Every Sportscaster Life scorebook comes with a dedicated, refined design packed full of special features designed to help sportscasters call their best game.

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