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Sportscaster Scorebooks

Designed by sportscasters, for sportscasters. Scorebooks specifically made for play-by-play announcers to easily track, score and recap their games without losing focus on the action. Available for baseball, hockey, football and basketball broadcasters.

Feature Articles

Soccer Cheat Sheets: Arlo White

A while back I shared a beautiful set of spotting boards and scoresheets that were produced by BBC’s Nick Barnes. The feature was done by EightbyEight Magazine, a link to which is in the original article. Well there’s good news….. Part two. This time it’s NBC’s Arlo White who takes…

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What are spotting boards?

A spotting board is usually an over-sized, one page chart of all players on a team. It is more useful in some sports than in others, but its use is the same. To provide nuggets of information at a quick glance. For sports like football, it can also double as…

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Editorial: Handling Bad Officiating

It’s happened to all of us. You’re calling a game, everything is going well, and then the referee/umpire becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons. He or she “blows” a call, which has a direct result on the game. Maybe it’s multiple bad calls, which turn momentum. As both a…

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Inside the world of Arena Football PBP

One of the most fascinating things about broadcasting for me is the ‘how’. How other broadcasters setup, how they prepare, how they work their way through a game and how they do what they do. I’m a firm believer in learning from others…not copying but seeing what makes them successful…

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Sportscaster Life Scorebooks

Why Use Our Scorebooks?

Sportscaster Life offers a full suite of scorebooks specifically designed for sports broadcasters.

Each scorebook is created by sportscasters, for sportscasters and are the result of a collective decades worth of experience calling a wide variety of sports.

Whether a seasoned pro, or new to the industry, Sportscaster Life’s scorebooks provide a quick, seamless way to track the game you’re calling…while keeping your focus on the game you’re calling .

Scorebook Special Features

Every Sportscaster Life scorebook comes with a dedicated, refined design packed full of special features designed to help sportscasters call their best game.

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