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Sportscaster Scorebooks

Designed by sportscasters, for sportscasters. Scorebooks specifically made for play-by-play announcers to easily track, score and recap their games without losing focus on the action. Available for baseball, hockey, football and basketball broadcasters.

Feature Articles

Commentator Curse Denies Milestone

You’ve probably heard about superstitious broadcasters refusing to comment on pending perfect games or super-close shutouts…in fact it was a topic on a recent Voice Behind the Voice podcast where host Sean Aronson spoke with Dave Sims of the Seattle Mariners and the topic came up (for the record Dave is…

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Five Truths (and One Lie) About Sportscasting

One year ago tomorrow, Sportscaster Life posted an article that would go pseudo-viral among the sportscasting fraternity…Five Myths (and one fact) About Sportscasting. The article touched on a number of common myths and misconceptions including how much money you really make as a sportscaster, the work that goes into preparing…

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Sportscaster Life Scorebooks

Why Use Our Scorebooks?

Sportscaster Life offers a full suite of scorebooks specifically designed for sports broadcasters.

Each scorebook is created by sportscasters, for sportscasters and are the result of a collective decades worth of experience calling a wide variety of sports.

Whether a seasoned pro, or new to the industry, Sportscaster Life’s scorebooks provide a quick, seamless way to track the game you’re calling…while keeping your focus on the game you’re calling .

Scorebook Special Features

Every Sportscaster Life scorebook comes with a dedicated, refined design packed full of special features designed to help sportscasters call their best game.

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