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Sportscaster Scorebooks

Designed by sportscasters, for sportscasters. Scorebooks specifically made for play-by-play announcers to easily track, score and recap their games without losing focus on the action. Available for baseball, hockey, football and basketball broadcasters.

Feature Articles

Podcasting: Boom or Bust?

Podcasting is one that is both quite old, and relatively new. “Podcasts” have been around for over a decade, however it has never been easier or cheaper for anyone to start their own podcast…a right first reserved for major studios or big budgets. Farhad Manjoo with the New York Times…

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Superstitions in the Broadcast Booth

In sportscasting, there are two main questions that broadcasters will debate on until the end of time. First, is Joe Buck a good sportscaster? And secondly, can a sportscaster jinx a shutout or no-hitter? We’ve attempted to tackle the first question a couple of times, but today we’re talking superstitions…

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Sportscaster Life Scorebooks

Why Use Our Scorebooks?

Sportscaster Life offers a full suite of scorebooks specifically designed for sports broadcasters.

Each scorebook is created by sportscasters, for sportscasters and are the result of a collective decades worth of experience calling a wide variety of sports.

Whether a seasoned pro, or new to the industry, Sportscaster Life’s scorebooks provide a quick, seamless way to track the game you’re calling…while keeping your focus on the game you’re calling .

Scorebook Special Features

Every Sportscaster Life scorebook comes with a dedicated, refined design packed full of special features designed to help sportscasters call their best game.

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